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The dental procedure involves the removal of plaque and tartar by performing a scale and polish. This can be quite expensive in the case of extensive tartar build up, so Abbeydale have fixed the prices as follows, which includes a full dental examination, general anaesthetic and hospitalisation for the day.

 Pets under <10kgs in weight            


 Pets 10 – 50kgs in weight                  

(Savings of up to 30% off!)


If your pet is in need of extractions there are 2 set prices:


Minimal: extraction work (under 20 mins) £40.00

Extensive: extraction work up to £90.00


This offer also includes a Pre-Anaesthetic blood test for £32.00 as opposed to the standard £40.28. The pre-anaesthetic blood test will check your pets liver and kidney function. Testing helps us to evaluate your pets health prior to an anaesthetic in order to avoid post-operative complications. In some cases we may need to give intravenous fluids during the procedure.


An estimation of costs can be given if you make a nurse appointment for pre-operative check and weighing. We hope you find this helpful and if you wish to book your pet in and brighten their smile please contact your normal branch.


We would like to take this opportunity to make you aware of a SPECIAL OFFER we are running for December 2017